Unique protection

TRAXxs is the first company to market totally integrated professional safety devices that function without a smartphone or other accessory. We provide EHS, site and team managers and directors with a simple, complete and effective solution that does not change anything at the employees' work site

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Totally simple, effective protection

  • Fall/loss of vertical position detection

    If the integrated sensor detects an unusual position, a pre-alert is sent to the worker who is wearing the XSole PTI insoles in the form of a continuous vibration. Failing a response by the person in danger, the insole automatically sends the alert

  • Invisible voluntary alert (SOS)

    In the event of a risk, violence or aggression, the worker can trigger an invisible SOS by tapping his right foot against his left foot three times

  • Evacuation alert

    The safety supervisor/manager may send an evacuation order in the form of a long vibration to all workers on the team

Protection makes a difference

Your employees are mobile

Technicians who are on the road, safety agents, transporters... They work anywhere and any time: they count on their employer to guarantee their safety. This is why TRAXxs has redefined the protection experience around shoes that are continuously worn, offering companies a solution that is both simple and high-tech

Push the limits!

How do you redesign protection in a digital world? Who do you offer solutions that are both simple and high-quality for people who are increasingly mobile? How do you provide security/safety managers with modern tools to protect their teams? These are the challenges that TRAXxs takes on with its innovative worker protection solutions, integrating all of the technology into the insole of a shoe. The first wave of lone worker protection tools has reached its limitations, which is why TRAXxs created a tool that could be used by all companies to protect their workers. TRAXxs' mission is to offer a simple technological solution to protect workers, whether they are mobile or sedentary.

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